About us

«Bentams audit» LLC is one of the leading companies in the market now. Our specialists have experience in implementing large projects, including ones of a national scale, knowledge of the specifics of the Ukrainian market and international practice, unique in-house developments.

Our company operates on the basis of the Code of Ethics and strictly adheres to international quality control standards of audit, review, other provision of confidence and related services, in accordance with which we have developed and implemented our own audit methodology. Independence and objectivity, competence and confidentiality, quality of services and their complexity are the main principles that guide our company in working with clients.

«Bentams audit» LLC is a part of the consulting group «Dobson». Group of companies «Dobson» provides services exclusively in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and has all the necessary registration and authorization documents confirming the right to provide consulting services of various types. During its 20-years period of business consulting group gained a high reputation and took leading positions in the field of accounting, auditing and valuation activities .

The company is a member of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine, which in turn is a member of the International Federation of Accountants IFAC.

Professional achievements of « Bentams audit » LLC – undoubted merit of its highly qualified team, which is the main asset of the company. Our personnel – these are professional auditors, consultants and experts. Certified auditors have the appropriate certificates issued by ACU – the « A » series and ACCA diplomas.

Our mission

Our mission:

Professionally promote the management and development of companies business on the path to success

The way we do this

  • In the «Bentams audit» LLC there is a team of specialists combining an individual approach to cooperation with clients and a deep understanding of the industry specifics of doing business.
  • Specialists of our company – professionals, recognized experts in their field. They have knowledge of the specifics of the Ukrainian market and international practice, experience in implementing large projects, their own unique developments.
  • Our experts have academic degrees in economics. They are developers of own techniques, and among the first in Ukraine, they put into practice advanced global methodological developments.
  • The owners, management and all employees of «Bentams audit» LLC, fully understanding the importance of our profession in the fight against corruption, declare their readiness to take appropriate actions to achieve the goals and solve the tasks set by anti-corruption legislation and intergovernmental agreements.

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